Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) is an ancient Chinese “internal” or “soft” martial art often practiced for its health-giving and spiritual benefits; it is non-competitive, gentle, and generally slow-paced. Contrary to the Western concept of “no pain, no gain,” one hour of tai chi actually burns more calories than surfing and nearly as many as downhill skiing, so it’s definitely a veritable workout. But that’s just one of the many benefits! By increasing strength, flexibility, body awareness, and mental concentration, tai chi can improve your health, too. (Source: wikiHow)

Why Practice Tai Chi?

  • Improved neuromuscular function;
  • An easy and fun resistance workout;
  • ‘zero impact’ – will not cause damage to existing injuries;
  • A practice that strengthens mental focus and concentration;
  • Whole-body exercises improve posture and balance;
  • Prevents falls and be firmer on your feet.
  • Improved emotional strength to handle what life throws at you.

Tai Chi Demo Videos

There are thousands of Tai Chi-related videos available on the internet and thousands of dvd’s to purchase. The following Demo Videos done by Leia Cohen living in New Zeeland may be useful for Tai Chi Newbies. Her comments in Demo 1 are useful to answer the question “Why Practice Tai Chi”.

Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4
Demo 5

Visit Taiflow.com in New Zealand

Click HERE to visit the Demo Creator’s Website (Leia Cohen).

Tai Chi Forms Example Videos

There are at least 108 “Long” Forms (Body Movements) defined for Tai Chi depending on the Master and whether martial arts is included. The following 10 to 24 Forms are useful for beginners:
10 Basic Forms
24 Forms – Front View
24 Forms – Back View

“How To” PDF Download

Click HERE to download a Tai Chi “How To” Guide PDF.