Elizabeth Freese & Zack Miller Wedding Planning Worksheet
NameContact EmailContact PhoneMailing AddressInvite Respond DateComing CountVehicle CountRehearsal AttendWedding AttendSunday BrunchNeed Limo SeatDavancy RoomsHanford Cottage RoomsHanford Inn RoomsHotel Sutter RoomsKioto Hotel RoomsComments
00---TOTALS:--------------------------------------------Sum: 15Sum: 6Sum: 7Sum: 15Sum: 7Sum: 0Sum: 1Sum: 2Sum: 2Sum: 0Sum: 0
Elizabeth & Zack22221Staying in Guest House
Freese, Paul & Connie conniefreese@comcast.net916-718-0770305 N. Lexington Dr Folsom, CA 95630212221
Freese, Katie & Amy & Sarah313331
Miller, Zack Mother1111
Miller, Zack Father2121
Mahan, John & Marlenemarlenejoymahan@cs.com209-304-9067PO Box 337 Plymouth, CA 95669212Only Going To Wedding
Mahan, Kathleen & Veronica & Jakekathleenjmahan@cs.com916-753-9458PO Box 760 Plymouth, CA 95685313Only Going To Wedding
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